IUS Weibel & Ness GmbH (IUS = german: Institut für
Umweltstudien) was founded in 1989.
At the moment
IUS employs 40 persons, e. g. senior scientists, experienced biologists, ecologists, highly qualified consultants and skilled landscape architects.

Our key activities are:

IUS Landscape planning e. g.

Urban landscape plans
Land developement plans
Open space plans

IUS Environmental planning e. g.

EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment
Noise control surveys

IUS Landscape architecture
incl. Construction surveillance

IUS Biological and ecological surveys e. g.

Ecological development plan
Biotope networking
Biological Monitoring

IUS Project management

IUS Moderation und Mediation

IUS Survey reports on the topics:

Fishery, waters protection, nature and landscape Conservation, protection of species

Damages to landscape and hardscape construction